Presenting and learning nursery rhymes with your kid can really assist him with building up the primary aptitudes he needs to start perusing!

Perusing research has since quite a while ago demonstrated that nursery rhymes help to create phonological and phonemic mindfulness in little youngsters.

At the end of the day, nursery rhymes (and different sorts of rhyming writings, for example, Dr. Seuss, verse, and music) can assist kids with building up an ear for the sounds and control of those sounds inside words.

Here is an extraordinary statement from that Yopp and Yopp article I’ve been alluding to this whole arrangement:

… tunes, serenades and word-sound games are undeniably fit toward creating small kids’ affectability to the sound structure of language. Wordplay, nursery or Dr. Seuss rhymes, and a general introduction to storybooks add to phonemic mindfulness.”

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