Young People & Music Participation Project

The following report is a summary of research on youth participation in music that was conducted in the UK by Dr. Susan O’Neill and colleagues involved in the Young People and Music Participation Project from 1998-2001. This project and its former website are no longer active. If you would like to cite this report, please use the following citation:

O’Neill, S. (2001). Young people and music participation project: Practitioner report and summary of findings (Report by the Unit for the Study of Musical Skill and Development). Keele University. Retrieved from Youth, Music and Education website:

To access the full PDF and read the report online please click on the following link:  Young People & Music Participation Project

To read the report online, please select the PDF link above – The report contains the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Aims of the Study
  • Research Methods
  • Children’s Involvement in Musical Activities
  • Frequently Played Musical Instruments
  • Children’s Motivation for Playing Musical Instruments
  • Music at School
  • Support from Parents, Friends and Teachers
  • Characteristics of Children who Play Musical Instruments
  • Reasons for Playing Musical Instruments
  • Reasons for Giving up Musical Instruments
  • Characteristics of Children who Gave Up or Continued to Play Instruments
  • Practitioner and Policy Implications
  • Acknowledgements